Experience the best in southern hospitality while racing through the historic streets and neighborhoods of Dalton, Georgia. Spectators and cheers abound as you trek your way around our 13.1 mile PR course in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The scenic journey culminates in a dramatic, cheering finish on the red carpet in the heart of Downtown Dalton.

Pictures will be taken at the finish line and the half way point on the half marathon course and will be provided digitally at no charge for individual printing.

If a half marathon is too much for you to handle, then join us in our 5K or 2K fun run.

Whatever event you choose to participate in, you are assured of having a great time at the 2013 Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon!

After the race, enjoy the Liberty Tree BBQ & Music Festival. The whole family will enjoy food, art & crafts booths, kids games and live music all day, with Fastball in concert at 7:00 pm.

Cost of the festival is $5 per person, children under 12 free, while registered half marathon and 5K runners get 2 free tickets to the festival.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize for the inconvenience but due to security concerns we will not have a bag drop off and would like for bags to NOT be left unattended.


  •  King Street – closed on Friday at 6:00 PM from Pentz to Selvidge Street.
  • Selvidge Street – closed from the entrance of BB&T to Crawford Street from Friday at 6:00 PM until cleanup is completed on Saturday.
  • Pentz Street – closed from King Street to Crawford St during the races.  Closed from Emery Street to Morris Street from 10:15 am to 11:30 am.
  • Hamilton Street – closed from Hawthorne St to Franklin St
  • W. Franklin Street – closed until the last 5k runner exits onto Thornton Avenue
  • S. Thornton Avenue – outside, S. bound lane closed from Walnut Avenue to Hawthorne Street
  • Waugh Street – outside eastbound lane closed from Jones Street to Thornton Avenue.
  • Jones Street –Closed from Waugh Street to Crawford Street
  • Crawford Street – Closed from Cappes Street to Valley Drive
  • Ridge Street – Closed from Murray Hill to Crawford Street
  • Lewell Street – entrances to the east side of the cemetery at Cuyler St and Gen Thomas Dr closed during the half-marathon
  • Emery Street – Closed at Tibbs Road and closed from Lewell Street to Thornton Avenue during the 5K and Half Marathon.  Westbound lane closed from Hamilton Street to Pentz for 2k.
  • Miller Street – Closed from Franklin to Emery
  • Valley Drive – closed from Franklin to Crawford
  • Cuyler Street – closed between Thornton Avenue and Lewell Street
  • W. Walnut Avenue – Outside westbound lane closed from Thornton Avenue to Tibbs Road
  • Tibbs Road – closed between Walnut Avenue and Shugart Road
  • Maple Way/Ella Lane – closed
  • Wood Valley Drive / Wood Valley Court – closed
  • Shugart Road – Northbound outside lane closed
  • Chattanooga Road – Outside eastbound lane closed from Shugart Road to Old Chattanooga Road
  • Old Chattanooga Road – closed until the last half marathon runner is clear
  • N. Thornton Avenue – partial southbound lane closed (6 feet from curb) from Old Chattanooga Road to Trammel Street
  • N. Thornton Avenue – Southbound lane closed from Trammel Street to Hawthorne Street
  • Hamilton Street access lane beside the Waugh St Bridge – Closed
  • Morris Street – closed from Thornton Avenue to Hamilton Street

Here are the hydration stations along the route(s):

-Before the Corner of Thornton Ave and Waugh St. for 5K and Half Marathon (Half twice, on the way out and back) courtesy of First Baptist Church.
-500 S. Thornton Ave in front of and courtesy of First Methodist Church.
-300 Tibbs Road in front of and courtesy of Seventh Day Adventist Church.
-510 South Tibbs Rd. in front of and courtesy of Christ Presbyterian Church.
-865 Shugart Rd in front of and courtesy of Academy Sports.
-1006 Professional Blvd. on Thornton Ave in front of Value Rite Pharmacy before Hamilton Memorial courtesy of Pleasant Grove Methodist.

Proceeds from the Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon benefit City of Refuge Dalton and Family Promise of Dalton.